Walmart Employees Under Drug Testing: How Can they Beat It?

Walmart Employees Under Drug Testing: How Can they Beat It?

Drug screening is a reality that most people in the United States have to face even though recreational use of marijuana or cannabis has been legalized in most state. A lot of companies are still holding negative views when it comes to cannabis use, and they are trying to screen out cannabis users from their prospective applicants in the hiring process.

An estimated ten to fifteen percent of Fortune 500 organizations and companies use follicle drug screening, considered as one of the most meticulous and more difficult to cheat and beat among all drug screenings available in the market today. Since these kinds of screenings are prevalent nowadays, especially in the corporate world, it can be beneficial to know what to do, especially if you are facing a screening in the future.

You have likely heard about Do-It-Yourself and home kits, with different reviews. While these kinds of kits are an excellent way to check where your system stand when it comes to drug level before the scheduled test, it is essential to get your kits from reliable sources and to make sure that they are made from excellent materials, using current technology. In this article, we will talk about the science behind different kinds of Do-It-Yourself or home drug testing kits and recommend some tips to help you pass with flying colors.

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At-home testing types

The kinds of home drug screen you will need will depend on the kind of testing your company or agency will require you to undergo. After all, it is plain stupidity if you test clean in a urine screen only to find out that the company or the agency wants you to take the follicle drug screening.

Different examination have different ways of detection, so it is imperative to know what kind of screening they want you to take. Unless you are taking a blood screening, you have a lot of alternative for testing in the comfort of your home before the scheduled examination. There is an option for every kind of screening.

How accurate and precise are these home drug screening?

Examination kits that you can purchase on the internet have advanced to the point that they are as accurate as most laboratory screening. There are cases that you will even have to send your samples to a laboratory, similar to how most facilities do. To get the best possible result, you will need to make sure that the kit you are using come from a dependable source. You can go to your nearest Wallmart or other supermarket chains and ask for their best testing products.

Do-It-Yourself and at home urine drug screening

A home urine examination will test you for THC-COOH (the primary metabolite of cannabis) and THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana responsible for getting people high). Since THC-COOH can be trapped in your fatty tissue, it can be released in your urine for a very long time, even months for regular or constant users.

To use a Do-It-Yourself or home urine examination, you will need to collect a sample of your urine in a sterile container, usually a small cup. Remove the kit from the bag, make sure that it is at room temperature, and take the cap off to reveal its test panel, a little dipstick with an arrow drawn on it. Submerge the panel to the urine sample (more or less half of the panel length, do not pass the pointers) for at least ten to fifteen seconds.

Allow the tiny tubes or capillaries in the panel to soak up in the sample and carry it deep into the panel for screening. After submerging it to the sample, don’t wipe the test panel.Ā  Put it on a nonabsorbent and flat surface and let it process for at least five minutes before you read the result. Timing is everything when you are doing an at-home drug screening.

The result will get invalid when they are read beyond ten to fifteen minutes. The examination will detect any THC as well as THC metabolite presence at a concentration of 50 ng/mL, a threshold almost similar to most urine testing conducted by laboratories.

Note about reading a home urine examination: these panels work precisely the same as laboratory examination. They test for any presence of THC-COOH and THC, using a kind of test called immunoassay. This kind of screening uses antibodies that are created to bond with THC-COOH and THC.

It saturates the molecules and takes up all the available sites. It prevents a detectable line from forming in the panel because the molecules are soaked with THC-COOH and THC molecules, thus making it unable to create any line that indicates a negative result.

That is why you need to look for two lines on the negative test, the panel line that confirms the test’s validity and the test line that indicates a negative outcome no matter how small it is. A positive result will produce not line; it means your system is clear of any THC or THC metabolites. The positive result will trigger a GC-MS confirmatory examination.

It is a different kind of screening that is more rigorous than the immunoassay. It will confirm the existence of illegal drugs in your system. If there’s no line in the kit’s control box, the result will be invalid no matter what they show in the panel.


If you are scheduled by your company or agency for a drug screening and want to test yourself beforehand, there are other Do-It-Yourself or home options that you can perform like an at-home urine drug screening, and they are just as reliable as their laboratory counterpart.

It is best if you go to your nearest supermarket or pharmacy and ask the people working there for any recommendation about the best kit available. Make sure that you follow all the instructions provided by the product to get an accurate result. As we have said in this article, DIY kits need to be precise and perfectly timed. One small mistake can give you the wrong result.

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