Live Healthy With Cannabis

Live Healthy With Cannabis

Cannabis, in a number of countries, is still a source of dissent. A number of researchers believe, if used with the right dose, marijuana can be useful, it can even be a drug. Visit the Canada drugs for more information about that. Before being banned in various countries, marijuana used for hundreds of years to deal with various diseases. Now Israel, Canada, Uruguay and the Republic of Check are countries that are at the vanguard in the use of marijuana for treatment.

The Israeli government, for example, allows a number of companies to plant and breed marijuana. One of them is the Breath of Life (BOL) Pharma. The company has 50 thousand cannabis plants in its garden. Marijuana plants, according to Tamir Gedo, boss of BOL Pharma, are suitable for breeding in Israel. “We have good climate and humidity, with 300 days of exposure to the sun,” Tamir told Ynet. There are more than 25 thousand patients who rely on marijuana from BOL Pharma gardens, Tikun Olam, and several cannabis cultivation companies in Israel. In Canada, you can also find many Canadian pharmacy which also the best cannabis producers.

Not only used as a substitute for painkillers, according to research by the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel, consumption of marijuana can suppress the development of cancer cells. According to David Meiri, a cancer researcher at Technion, they continue to test the ability of 50 types of cannabis plants to fight various types of cancer. “Treatment of cannabinoid-based cancers can be an alternative to chemotherapy, but without side effects,” said Eyal Ballan of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals to Haaretz.

In the American football field (NFL), players who are injured and in pain today are still being treated with opioid-derived drugs. The continuous use of this pain reliever has long tails. Not a few players who are addicted. Dan Johnson, a former Miami Dolphins player, claimed to consume 1,000 pills for Vicodin pain relief per month to reduce his suffering. Had passed to suicide to be free from addiction. “Several times,” he said, to ESPN, bitter.

Like an athlete competing in the NFL, Eugene Monroe, a Baltimore Ravens player, is also often injured. “Football is sick … I’m not complaining. It’s a sport that I love,” Monroe said. What he criticized was the use of opioid-based painkillers. He also almost fell into the drug addiction. Now he is campaigning to replace the drugs with marijuana, which is said to have lower side effects. “The answer is that you can’t add pills and add more pills.” You can order the marijuana for medicine at Canadian pharmacy online.

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