The newest assisted reproductive technology – IVF – is most used in cases of infertility

The newest assisted reproductive technology – IVF – is most used in cases of infertility

With the advancement of technology, there is no limit for your future happy parenthood. Ukraine IVF treatment is already successfully used in ADONIS clinic. The newest assisted reproductive technology – IVF – is most used in cases of infertility.

During the IVF process, the woman’s egg is artificially fertilized under conditions “in vitro”, the latest equipment and the best specialists in ADONIS will carry out this procedure for you on the highest level.

IVF infertility treatment is considered to be very popular worldwide. There are some reasons for this:

  • Investment in the future – with the help of IVF treatment, the patients’ eggs/sperm and fertilized eggs can be cryopreserved and used after; ADONIS own embryo laboratory provide the range list of services including cryopreservation for storing the most valuable genetic material
  • Preimplantation diagnosis – genetic material and embryo diagnostic, the quality and quantity of chromosomes are examined to attain successful fertilization and embryo development from the first days
  • Conscious parenting – IVF treatment is the best choice of the informed couples that have hereditary diseases and genetic syndromes, age-related families with medical guidelines, which want to have healthy children
  • Improve the prospects – your fertilization chances are increasing significantly with IVF and cryostorage of biomaterial; if the first IVF attempt is unsuccessful, then this material can be subsequently used for the onset of pregnancy

IVF in ADONIS Ukraine is the treatment of the world quality. The modern certified equipment and embryo laboratory constructed with European standards in the hands of ADONIS skilled team of doctors lead to the best results and happy healthy lives.

For your convenient program and procedure flow, you can always count ADONIS all-knowing managers and coordinators. ADONIS website has the whole value of information you need and aspects described.

Offers for every need

Since the need of every patient is different, ADONIS joins the most popular requests in a range of offers. Medical and non-medical services for your comfort treatment. Every wish will be heard and answered.

Full of variants: offers with “fresh” or thawed embryos, with different kinds of donations and technologies used, with or without medicines cost – we took into account and accommodated all the possible options.

We do our best to bring health and well-being to the masses, that’s why ADONIS offers really affordable prices with no loss in the top quality. We work for our clients’ happiness and this is our main value.

IVF ADONIS Ukraine is a highly technological procedure with compliance with all standards and requirements. We provide medical treatment for more than 20 years and have a clear understanding of clients’ needs. If you are looking for the chance of becoming parents – ADONIS IVF programs are your choice!

The dedicated work of skilled specialists and medical staff was ideally organized to your needs; ADONIS is waiting for you!

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