ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

Beauty medical sector is full of proposals and services. It is a really challenging thing to find your ideal beauty surgery clinic which combines reliability, high level medical staff and satisfied clients with feedback. The top level plastic surgery skincare clinic must join all the necessary factors, because your beauty and your astonishing appearance are on the line.

ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology is the combination of the skilled medical staff, the latest equipment, techniques and all-around care for your unbelievable results.

If you have been searching for the best beauty clinic – ADONIS is your destination!

You are free to choose the direction you need from the large selection of the services:

  • Face cosmetology and plastic surgery
  • Body contouring
  • Breast surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Hair transplantation procedures

Every direction is subdivided into many surgery services to any request. For more detailed information, please, visit website.

From the first step in the ADONIS clinic you will be surrounded only by the professionals whose aim is to make you satisfied with your appearance. The total care and forethought is unconditional.

The ADONIS leadership on the market

If you think about the European level plastic surgery in Ukraine with the most affordable cost on the market, so there are no doubts, ADONIS is such a clinic. Our grateful patients are ready to share their experience!

We work to provide you with the best service, including price formation and service package filling:

  • more than 12 specialists to make your plastic surgery ideal
  • well organized treatment plans to achieve excellence
  • total safety for the patient
  • full anesthesia control by the skilled anesthetist
  • wide range of examinations before and after surgery to ensure your full recovery
  • individual consultations and doctors’ selection
  • ongoing support on the way of treating
  • doctor’s support during 1 year after surgery

To assure your concerns ADONIS provides the total transparency of treatment information, while protects your personal information (examination details, detailed personal data). Because it’s important for ADONIS to secure our patients and their personal life.

Technological innovations

With the help of the latest technologies and the newest equipment, ADONIS head and shoulders above the majority of modern plastic surgery clinics.

The ADONIS own examination laboratory is designed to serve the well-being of the patients. For the best results after surgeries and treatments.

Certified and approved equipment is ready to be the best assistants in hands of ADONIS specialists.

Convenient and fully equipped hospital rooms and facilities are ready to make you feel at home, together with all-around service by nurses and other medical staff.

Changes and new experiences await you in ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology – to emphasize your natural beauty, reveal the personality and make your face smile. The best quality surgery manipulations for your beauty is the ADONIS services!

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